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Marvel, enjoy, select and buy - all under one roof!

Welcome to Brunner's world of 1000 clocks!

We specialise in clocks, in particular Black Forest cuckoo clocks; but we also have a wide range of wrist watches, regulateur watches, mantlepiece clocks and longcase clocks. Clocks are our business and we know about everything that ticks!

Our family firm has over 100 years of experience of trading and supplying Black Forest clocks. Right up to the present day we employ people who work from home as creating carvings and putting the clocks together by hand. Come and see the largest display of Black Forest clocks!

A further attraction is our year-long Christmas Market. Taking up an entire floor, we offer you everything to do with Christmas - visit and be amazed.

We look forward to welcoming you. We will do all that we can to make you feel at home and to help you get to know the Black Forest highlands in a special way.


Alexander Brunner


  Geschichte der Firma Brunner-Uhren Titisee  

Company profile
We are one of the largest specialized dealers in cuckoo clocks in Germany with a 100 year family tradition...
Company profile

Unser Kuckucksuhren-Sortiment World of 1000 clocks
Original handmade Black forest Cuckoo Clocks. You will de-
finitely find a Cuckoo clock of your choice on this page...
World of 1000 clocks
  Aktuelles Sortiment in unseren Verkaufsstellen   Range
Black Forest specialities, All-year-round Christmas market,
Gifts, ornaments, decorations,
Das Team Brunner Welt der 1000 Uhren

Team Uhren Brunner
All contacts in the fields of a purchase and sale, office und marketing...

Team Uhren Brunner

  Der schönste aller Schwarzwaldseen   Titisee|Black Forest
Titisee, in the Black Forest Highlands, is world famous and known as the most beautiful of
all the Black Forest lakes...
Titisee|Black Forest
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